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Window Treatments

window treatmentsWe also specialize in the unique field of Window Treatments cleaning and repairing.

We Handle All Kinds of Window Treatments:

  • Servicing blinds and shutters
  • Shades cleaning treatment
  • Draperies and curtains cleaning
  • restringing & re-chording

Window Treatments, like upholstered furniture, have a very wide range of materials, such as wood, metal, vinyl, fabric and more...

In this field operator experience and judgment is the key to proper results. Some of the materials respond the best to the dry method while others can only be safely cleaned by hand wash or ultra sonic treatment, which is the most recommended way to clean some of the blinds by most of the manufacturers.

We clean and handled all the windows, draperies and blinds in our factory using high-qualified technicians and professional equipment. Our representative will come to your location and handle the the job on-location or, if needed, take off your windows/draperies/blinds and take them to our factory to be cleaned. After the cleaning process is finished, we will deliver them back to the same location or to a different place - by your request. The technician will also install the clean windows back - free of charge.
Pick up and delivery services are also free of charge.

Window Treatments Repair services:

If you want your blind/shade to look as new, cleaning process only won't be enough in some cases. That's why we also provide repair services such as:

  • Restring
  • Retype
  • Record

After we will take care of your Window Treatments, you will be surprised to see how nice, beautiful and new it looks.

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